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Hiarchy of angels

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Hiarchy of angels

Hiarchy of angels

"Angels are spirits," proclaimed St.Augustine! St. Thomas Aquinas believed that

angels were pure spirit, having no matter or mass, and taking up no space; but Thomas believed

angels could assume bodies at will. The purpose of angels is the same as mankind: to love and

serve the Lord. However, being that angels are not material beings, and possibly from a different

dimension, they can serve the Lord in many different ways. Angels have far greater will and

intellect than we have. Whereas mankind must sift through and experiment with natural laws,

angels can grasp all natural laws with a single thought. Eventually we find that angels cannot

work miracles, but they can perform many special effects that appear miraculous, such as

protecting Daniel from the lions in Daniel 6. When angels appear to man, they usually appear

with wings, but the wings are not the method of locomotion. The angels seem to slip in and out

of the fourth dimension; thus travel is more or less instantaneous.

The primary general duty of angels is as messengers of God. (The word "angel" means

messenger in Greek.) But angels can do God's chores, such as busting Peter out of jail in Acts 5,

or destroying Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. But some angels obey only the devil, and

those angels are known as "demons", as is Satan himself. Satan had been an angel, but decided

to do his own thing. Angels can see all aspects of a situation instantly, since they are so very


Angels, and the dimensions they live in, were apparently created before our visible

world and universe. (The Bible tells us inGenesis ch.1-2 that mankind was created (or evolved)

last.) The number of angels are countless. One reason they are countless is that the Bible holds

that each person who is or has lived, in the universe, has a guardian angel (Matthew 18:10).

Additionally, some people who have died may have been transformed into lower angels.

Many people witness "small miracles", and attribute them to God, when, in fact, angels

may likely author the event. Speaking of miracles, some people believe that the reason more

asteroids don't hit and damage planets is because each planet also has a guardian angel. In this

school of thought, we owe our very existence to angels guiding our destiny.

There are many stories of loved ones appearing after they have died and helping the

loved ones. Possibly the loved one never did appear; possibly the loved ones physical

appearance was taken over by an angel. The Bible tells us to respect strangers, as they may

actually be disguised angels, as in Genesis 19 and Hebrews 13:2. They also intercede for us

before God, such as was proposed in Job 33:23, and Psalms80:1-2.

ANGELIC ORGANIZATION: There are three hierarchies of angels: the Supreme

Hierarchy, the Middle Hierarchy, and the Lower Hierarchy. Within each hierarchy there are

three choirs (or ranks) of angels making a total of nine choirs. The choirs within the hierarchies

differ because of angelic form rather than matter or quantity within the choir. The Supreme

Hierarchy is always in God's inner circle, meditating on Him. The Middle Hiearchy keeps the

universe running according to God's physical laws. The lower hirarchy carries out particular


SUPREME HIERARCHY: The Seraphim (Singular, Seraph) is the first choir of the

Supreme hierarchy. The name means "the burning ones",or "ardor". They sit at God's throne, or

a little above it, and unceasingly sing praise to Him, and bear light and love to lesser angels. The

Seraphim are completely ruled by divine love, for there is nothing more important than love

according to 1 Corinthians13:13. Isaiah 6:2 tells us the Seraphim have three sets of wings, one

set to cover the face out of reverence, one set to cover the feet out of modesty and respect, and

one set to fly with. (But as I previously wrote, they don't actually use their wings to fly.)

The Cherubim (singular, Cherub) is the second choir of the Supreme Hierarchy. The

Cherubim sit beside God's throne and act as throne bearers, keeping unwanted entities away.

(This is illustrated in Catholic Bibles, in Ecclesiasticus ch.49.) They have a great insight of

God's secrets, and the workings of the universe. Exodus ch.25 also tell us that the Cherubim

guard churches and tombs. Ezekiel ch.10 tell us the Cherubim have four faces, four wings, and

four hands. Whereas the Seraphim are angels of love, the Cherubim are angels of wisdom, and

provide wisdom to the lower angels. Satan was most probably a Cherub before he fell and

became the Devil; thus, only God and the Seraphim can overcome the Devil. A Cherub probably

also closed the Garden of Eden. Beelzebul may also be a Cherub, since he is next in rank to

Satan. Beelzebul's name is peppered throughout the gospels. The Thrones are the lowest choir

of the highest hierarchy. Their main characteristics are submission and peace. Since they are of

the highest order of angels they have the exalted dignity and glory of being closer to God than

most of the other angels. This being the case, the divine mysteries are also brought to them

before most of the other angels. The purpose of the thrones is to convey God's spirit to the lesser

angels. A very detailed description of them appears in Ezekiel Ch. 1. See also Colossians 1:16.

MIDDLE HIERARCHY: The highest order of the middle hierarchy are the

Dominations (sometimes called Dominions). They rule over the angelic orders charged with the

execution of God's commands, and maintenance of God's authority. The ...

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