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Herodotus And The Persian Empire

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Herodotus And The Persian Empire

1. Cyrus was born into wealth by being the grandson of Medean king Astyges. he expanded persian empire by attacking many greek cities and conquering them. The fact that Astyges punished him for showing him mercy persuaded persians to revolt against medes. persian revolt spreaded thorugh the masters of Asia.

2. Most unsual thing about the persians is that whatever important decision they make when they are sober it is taken under reconsideration when they are drunk. No.

3. Position of men was very high in the persian empire yet very harsh they would put a man to death after a single offense. A boy is not suppose to see his father ever before the age of five. Every man has a alot of wives but a larger number of concubines. Value of men was soo high that whichever family had the most sons would recieve a ...

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Keywords: what was the persian empire divided into, what brought down the persian empire, why was the persian empire so advanced, why was the persian empire important

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