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Hearing Loss

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Patient Name: Mr. S
DOB: Estimated to be born in 1919
DOE: 08-08-12
Clinician: Diane Bolton

Mr. S is a 93 year old male whose audiogram has indicated that he has a bilateral moderate sharply sloping to severe sensorineural hearing loss. He has indicated that his hearing loss is "not so bad" for his age.

Medical History

Mr. S is a WWII veteran and is extremely disciplined and has a set routine. He was honorably discharged then worked as an industrial baker until the age of 65 and is now retired. He is well groomed having normal communication abilities. His native language is English. His wife passed away, some time ago, and he is living in an assisted living home.

He is rather active as his daughter visits him every other day, he attends family gatherings and he takes frequent trips to the VA Hospital to socialize. He has no complaints regarding his hearing loss and feels that he has no hearing impairment. His daughter reports otherwise, and has stated that he no longer participates in conversations among family members and feels this is due to his hearing loss. He has osteoarthritis, primarily in his hands, he has adult-onset diabetes, and he has hypertension all of which are being treated medically. Nonetheless, his health is considered to be remarkable for his age, as all of the above conditions do not impact his active lifestyle.

Audiometric Assessment

Equivalent Ear Canal Volumes were measured and were within normal limits. The Tympanic Peak Pressure indicated that both the ambient pressure and the pressure within the middle ear were equivalent and was within normal limits. The Static Admittance was measured and middle ear function appears to be within normal limits. The tympanic width was also within normal limits and no perforations were noted.

Pure-tone audiometry, using insert earphones showed a moderate to steeply sloping to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Speech audiometry, using speech recognition thresholds and word recognition scores reflect a correlation bilaterally with the pure-tone audiometric results. Immittance audiometry reveals type A (normal) tympanograms bilaterally. Acoustic reflexes (both ipsilateral and contralateral) were elicited at the required intensity levels at the frequencies of 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz. The results were elevated bilaterally which may indicate that the stapedius and tensor tympani muscles are working harder to overcompensate for the patients hearing loss. Acoustic reflex decay was not tested.

Client's Audiologic Goals

1. The patient has no audiologic goals as he feels that his hearing impairment is minimal.
2. The daughter would like to have her father participate in conversations at family gatherings.

Audiologist's Goals

1. To provide informational and personal counseling to the patient with the hopes of getting the client to have a better understanding and acceptance of amplification.
2. To improve audibility by providing bilateral Unitron Yuu Moxi with Remote so he is able to hear 96% of speech in an environment with a lot of background noise. This device would benefit him as he has osteoarthritis of which the device is able to adjust automatically to different listening environments and there is a remote.
3. To continue informational counseling on the device on HIO-BASIS for the patient, staff and family members.
4. To educate the patient on his hearing loss so he can feel more at ease with his disability.
5. To provide speechreading techniques and auditory training techniques to enhance his listening levels.
6. To educate his family on different techniques to increase their ability to communicate more effectively for the patient so he speech understanding increases.

Aural Rehabilitation Plan

Mr. S was provided with ...

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