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Hardships That Children Face

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Social Issues

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In the world today there are many things that we may call an injustice, but few realize that it exists in most homes. This can be said because ignorance hurts those around you and even one's self. One of the biggest problems that humans have is that if something becomes routine than it also generally accepted. This in turn leaves what can be potentially dangerous and possibly wrong to slip through the cracks and consequently be ignored. One of the biggest examples of this are those injustices that occur in the home. It is known by all that there is much abuse and pain that can go on in a house, but I am going to go into depth into one aspect of abuse in the home and the different ways it can hurt someone in a family. This injustice is against a child but it is not merely physical violence directed at the child. Instead it can be more harmful to the child's emotional being and esteem.
The first thing that must be understood is that any child at a young age does two things. The first that a child does is learn. Now this can be good things, but the same child can and will pick up the bad things. This is a huge injustice because the child is basically being programmed before he or she has the chance to make up his or her mind. Hate can become acceptable in many forms such as bigotry, racism, or sexism. By the words and actions of a parent the child can be abused, which will in turn lead to the second thing that a child does and that is grow. As the child learns from the parents he or she also matures into a likeness in someway of that parent. This begins a cycle that only creates more injustice and hurt. The child goes on feeling and acting the same way that the parents did believing its okay to feel and act that way as well as associating with people that share those same beliefs. The parents that commit these injustices are sometimes looked at, but rarely stopped until something goes wrong, but by then its already too late and the damage has been done.
Physical abuse is more looked down upon but not much more is done. The truly horrible aspect of this is that even though the bruises and even broken bones will heal in time, the multitude of emotional damage that is done can stay with that child for life. Being beaten or watching someone that you love being beaten can injure the child worse than the physical harm that has been delivered. Once again the idea that this behavior is okay becomes accepted and therefore repeated, but in this form of abuse the child can be hurt even deeper. Because of this injustice the child can ...

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