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Hard times 3

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Hard times 3

Hard Times

Essay #6 - Character Analysis: Louisa In the novel Hard Times, Dickens presents a character by the name of Louisa Gradgrind Bounderby who had suffered from her father's education system. Mr.Gradgrind's philosophy forced Louisa to ?discard the word fancy altogether? (11) causing her to base experiences on facts and not from emotions. Throughout the novel, Louisa realizes that she does not have any emotional experiences to guide her. This is apparent when she had been presented with a proposal for marriage, and on her journey to visit her ill mother. By Louisa being able to recognize the need for emotional experiences, Louisa is able to help her father see the wrong doing of his philosophy of facts. It becomes evident that Louisa had suffered from her fathers education system when Mr.Gradgrind had presented Louisa with Mr.Bounderby's proposal of marriage. Upon Louisa's response, Mr.Gradgrind had inquired whether or not she might have had another proposal which he was unaware of: ?You have never entertained in secret any other proposal?(79). This led to Louisa revealing how her fathers school of facts had not permitted her to explore with her own emotions : ?Father...what other proposal can have been made to me? Whom have I seen? Where have I been? What are my hearts experiences? (79). Louisa continues on explaining that he should have known better than to ask such a question, considering she has never been able to question or wonder past his school of facts : ?Why father...what a strange question to ask me....You have been so careful of me, that I never had a child's heart. You have trained me so well, that I never dreamed a child's dream. You have dealt so wisely with me, father, from my cradle to this hour, that I never had a child's belief or a child's fear.?(79). This is significant because this is the first time which Louisa attempts to tell her father that she has no emotional experiences because her life has been based on his philosophy of facts. Unfortunately, her father misinterprets her message, and feels that her response is merle one of gratitude. Louisa left for home after she had heard her mother was ill. Along her journey home, Louisa realized that she had no childhood memories to make her homecoming a pleasant experience: ?As she approached her home now, did ...

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