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Hamlets troubles

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Hamlets troubles

Hamlet is supposedly centered on one character; Hamlet himself, but the play is driven by plots and schemes that are derived from other characters in the play. The plot of Hamlet is constantly being heightened by the characters that are a part of the play, they help to manipulate the story in a way that places an emphasis on reflecting many struggles that one might encounter in life, but all compiled into one story. In the play Hamlet, Polonius is a character that intertwines the rest of the characters and brings them together to complete the final task of redemption for the death of King Hamlet. Throughout the whole play, Polonius is the only one that seems to be trying to tie everything together to help everyone out, and in the end, it is that quest for knowledge that leads to his demise.

Polonius is a man that confuses most, but intrigues all. For the beginning of the play he is the readers guide, and helps to inform the reader of all that is happening within the lives of the main characters. He was not meant to be a main character, but any character that is put in the position of an informant, instantly becomes a main character. To be an informant, is to be one who shines a new light on the situation at hand, and that fills in information where information is needed. Polonius is a character in the play for just long enough to give the reader a good start with what is going on.

Polonius is the one character who communicates and interacts with every other character in the play. Retrospectively he pieces the play and the characters together to make them more understandable to the reader. Communication is what Polonius does well, but it is also what he does for his living. ?I hold my duty as I hold my soul? (2.2.44) puts emphasis on his dedication to the King, but at the same time he has dedication to his daughter, Ophelia, his son, Laertes, and the Queen, Gertrude. His connections with these powerful people is a great example of how they are all getting information from Polonius, and using it to reap their own havoc. Polonius? position as the ?middleman? gives him an indescribable amount of power, that he takes advantage of. He uses what others tell him to supply others with valuable information, all the way up until his sudden demise.

Polonius changes very little throughout ...

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