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Hamlet: Power Vs Happiness

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Claudius what are your motives for killing the king, marrying his wife
and taking on the role of father to his young son?
Claudius is introduced in act I, ii. In this scene he has an important
speech. In this speech he talks about the death of the king, his marriage to the
queen and the foreign problems of the state. He utilizes many transitions and
tends to empiseze the foreign affairs of the state. I don't know what to make of
this, it could mean various things. It could mean that Claudius is making a grab
for power shown in his concentration on the foreign polices trying to distract
from his lust for power, along with his marriage to the queen giving the change
in leadership a smoother and more acceptable feel. He also down plays the death
of the formal king so that he can redirect the peoples' attention to his plans
and the problems of the state. But I could mean something else I'm not sure.
Later on in this scene Claudius talks to Hamlet, Hamlet is very depressed,
Claudius gives hamlet some comforting and fatherly advice here trying to get him
out of his deep depression. But what is his true motivation here is he trying to
get hamlet as a backer for his new rain, so he is just lying and manipulating
hamlet, or dose he have true and deep feelings for Hamlet and is just trying to
help hamlet and was no self-interest in it. I feel right now that it a bit of
both I think he cares about hamlet but would also like him to support his rise
to power.
Next we come to act II, ii, hamlet has made many strange comments and
actions lately, many people think he is going, or has gone insane. Claudius
finds two of Hamlets good friends to spy on him and try to find out what wrong
with him. At this point we know that Hamlet knows that Claudius killed his
father but we don't know whether Claudius knows that hamlet knows or even if he
suspects, this cast a strange light on this scene. First if Claudius suspects
hamlet knows that he killed his father then we might assume that Claudius is
sending these spy to find out for sure if he knows, but if he dose not suspect
hamlet then this might be another show of Claudius's affection towards Hamlet.
So the same question keeps coming up dose Claudius like Hamlet or is he just
using him? At this point it to hard to tell so we must delve deeper in to the
story and there is still the mater of the queen. Claudius is marred to the queen
but dose he ...

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