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Hamlet: Betrayed By His Mother And His Helplessness

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In Act I scene II of Hamlet, the leading character says, "O that this too, too sullied flesh would melt." (I ii 133) In some manuscripts, however, the word "solid" is written as "sullied." Experts disagree on what word is better. I think "sullied" is the right word in this sentence. "Sullied" means made dirty. This makes sense because his mother married his uncle so quickly without sufficient mourning. Hamlet felt betrayed by his mother and felt guilty about his own helplessness.
Hamlet is emotionally hurt by his mother's quick new marriage right after his father's death. When Hamlet says, "O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason/ Would have mourned longer!" (I ii 154-155) Hamlet is disappointed that his mother had insufficient mourning for his father. Hamlet was not happy that his uncle took his father's throne and wife. It is Hamlet's mother's behavior which has most frustrated him. His father had been "so loving" (I ii 144) to his mother, but his mother's "love" is compared to her "appetite" for sex which he thinks is not right. He also feels so betrayed that he criticizes his mother's marriage as being low class, saying "Ay, Madam, it is common." (I ii 76) He loses his trust in his mother, claiming "frailty, thy name is woman!" (I ii 150) Hamlet's mother had been married for a long period of time and after her husband's death she just married her brother-in-law without even waiting for the mourning period to be finished.
Hamlet is particularly heartbroken over the behavior of his mother, but there is nothing ...

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