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is the best holiday of the year, and should be more
actively worshipped than all the rest of the holidays. This is because
relieves people form the stress of every-day life, was
originally a wiccan holiday, and because on Halloween the television
stations play all the good horror movies.
Halloween is the best holiday of the year, because it allows people
to escape the stress of their every-day lives by pretending to be someone
else for one night, relaxation through disassociation. Also,
psychologically the wearing of masks and make-up allows people to express
themselves more freely, and to be themselves without feeling social or
moral restraints, in effect breaking the boundaries of social taboo by
taking on a different persona, your true self.
Also, Halloween is the best holiday of the year, because it was
originally a wiccan holiday called samhain, the wiccan new year, or ...

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