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"Gunpowder Plot" By Vernon Scannell

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Write an account of a poem which deals with an unusual or unpleasant
aspect of life. Show clearly how the poet uses such elements as effective
words and vivid images to create something memorable.
The poem "Gunpowder Plot" was interesting as its title holds three
meanings. The author could have meant an allotment where gunpowder or
fireworks are stored or a plan involving gunpowder or just a story
about the usage of gunpowder.

The poem itself holds a double meaning, the first meaning and most
immediately noticeable is of the fun and excitement on Guy Falkes
night with children and woman running around shouting and screaming,
with fireworks exploding and filling the night sky with bright coloured
sparks. The second and more sinister meaning is that if war, when
explosions devastate and the children running around screaming are running
for their lives. That in war time these beautiful fireworks kill and injure

The man in the poem was in a war and being around the antics on a Guy
Falkes night bring back evil, unpleasant memories of war with people
dying. Later in the poem we learn that the man's brother had dies in the
war as the line reads : "I hear a corpse's sons -- 'Who's scared of
bangers!' 'Uncle, John's afraid!'

In the story the author uses a lot of comparisons, the first one we
come across is between fireworks and "Curious cardboard buds" where he
describes them as flowers that have yet to blossom and show their beauty.
Again later in the same verse he describes the fireworks as orchids, a
very beautiful flower that is very expensive, has a short life and it
used on special occasions, the same description can be used effectively on

The story ...

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