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Gun And Children: Ways To Keep Them Safe In The House

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Bang! There is a shot and you rush to see what the hell just happened, but it is to late your child is no the ground with their brains all over the wall and is dead in less than a heart beat. After the statement you give the police they arrest you for the death of your child. You think to yourself and wonder how the outcome how that ordeal could have been prevented, and what you could have done so that did not ever happen. That would just eat me up inside knowing that all this could had been prevented if I only did one thing more to protect my child. If you truly want to keep your children safe, dismantle the gun into a couple pieces and keep them out of the reach of the children. Buying the bullets when you need to ,or keeping them in the safe that know one but you and your spouse has the combination to get into it. Find a carrying case that is durable and will last a while that can be lock up and put away from site of a curious child. There is also a lock that can be put in the back of the trigger, so that the trigger can not be pull to release a round of ammo.
There are people that say they are just trying to keep there family safe from harm. Is there anyone that doesn't want to be able to keep there family safe from any harm that might be their way. I want the same thing, but I also want to keep the children from harming them selves or others in anyway thinkable. I feel the same about that ,but if I was a parent or had a gun in ...

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