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Gulf war 2

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Gulf war 2

The Gulf War

In the early morning of August the second 1990, Saddam Hussein and a fleet of tanks as well as 100,000 thousand troops invaded neighboring Kuwait with out provocation or warning. Iraq also had surface-to-surface missiles to take complete control of Kuwait; this all took place just hours after Saddam Hussein had assured neighboring countries that there would under no circumstances be an invasion. George Bush entered the Gulf War for the sole reason of recovering the oil and Kuwaiti Boolean that Saddam Hussein had stolen. President George Bush's goal in entering the war was to recover the stolen oil from the Iraqi's, and ensure that it continues to be sold at a reasonable amount by the Kuwaiti's, rather than have the prices raised or even the threat of being cut off by Saddam Hussein; there was also an extreme threat that the Iraqi's possessed nuclear weapons which would endanger all bordering countries.

The President said that anything less than the full cooperation of the Iraqi troops and tanks would result in immediate action by the U.S troops in his address to the people. Bush also demanded that full restoration of the Kuwaiti government must also take place rather than the puppet regime that was established by Saddam Hussein after his take over. This was one of the many incidents that lead President George Bush to take action against the Iraqi's due to their involvement in the Persian Gulf crisis.

The United Nations placed sanctions upon Iraq, which lead to the starvation of one point two million Iraqi civilians. It was also the cause of the famine rate amongst children from the age five and below to rise almost one quarter from its rate the previous year. 960,000 women and children dead due to the sanctions brought forth by the UN. The sanctions, which were brought forth, involved the immediate hold put on all food, clothing, and medicines from entering Iraq. The points of the sanctions were to weaken the strength of Saddam Hussein and his task forces. In July of 1997 the U.S government held a press conference stating that it was indeed true that the figure was actually well over one point two million Iraqi civilians were killed due to the sanctions. This was one of the major set backs in the campaign of President Bush among the people.

Another fact that set President Bush back was the belief of the people that it was not worth putting the lives of American troops on the line for oil. The tabloids headlined most national papers with 'no blood for oil.' Bush found himself so wrapped up in the whole oil dispute that his own people was opposing his actions for the fear of losing their loved ones over a mere oil dispute.

Among the public and in the eyes of the media the President seemed truly sympathetic; it seemed as though he was showing great sympathy for the people of Kuwait. Bush told the people that the hatred of Saddam Hussein could possibly and would spread causing world war three. The President also warned that if the crisis went on without interruption that eventually the United States would be forced into taking action, as the madness created by Saddam Hussein ...

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