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Groundwater Depletion In Cropping Pattern

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Groundwater depletion in cropping pattern

Water is an important input. It is used for many purpose - domestic, irrigation, industrial, navigation, hydro - electric power generation, etc. The quality and quantity of water required to satisfy each of these demands vary considerably depending upon types of demand, geographical locations, standard of living, climatic conditions and other factors. However, according to the directorate of Groundwater, Tamil Nadu State (2001), there are more than 18 lakh tube wells can be constructed in the districts of Coimbatore, Salem, Namakkal, Madurai, Erode and parts of Tutitcorin. While in other districts water is available at 300 to 800 feet, in Rasipuram it is available in 1000 feet. Under groundwater, together with the waters of the seas, rivers and lakes, has been serving people throughout the history of mankind. At present, the unprecedented advancement of the economic development of the new territories and the extent of man's influence on nature make it necessary to consider not ...

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Keywords: groundwater depletion and contamination, groundwater degradation, groundwater depletion embedded in international food trade, groundwater footprint, groundwater depletion usa

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