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Greek Myth Book Report: Prometheus Steals Fire From Heaven

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Title - Prometheus Steals Fire From Heaven
Author - Shortened, Simplified version of real story. Author Unknown
I. Setting:

The setting for the story Prometheus Steals Fire From Heaven is In
heaven, Earth, Olympus, and Mt. Caucasus. The time period is that of when there
were only the (Greek) gods, and no men on earth, and none of the animals seemed
worthy to rule the rest.

II. Point of View:

Omniscient point of view

III. Characters:

Zeus - Zeus is the ruler of the universe. At one point in the story Zeus was
Jealous of others' powers. Zeus also had a bad temper and was mad at Prometheus
for stealing heavens fire and chained Prometheus high on Mt. Caucasus, forever.
He is one of 2 antagonists in the story.

Hera - Queen of heaven, no significant part in story.

Prometheus - The major protagonist in the story. Prometheus was one of the
Titans (parents of the gods). He always thought of the positive side of things,
and never let anyone or thing phase him. He proudly endured pain and showed his
agony to none, all for inferior humans.

Epimetheus - A minor part in the story. Epimetheus was the brother of

Hephaestus - This minor character is heaven's lame smith. His part is somewhat
significant later in the story, but he has no say in what he does, even if it is

Pandora - Pandora was made by Zeus. She was made to curb man's power. As
beautiful as a goddess, the immortals bestowed gifts on her to make her more
captivating. Pandora is the 2nd antagonist in the story.

IV. Theme

The hero's mission is to create a man like figure on the Earth, with the
power of fire. Pandora accidentally opened a jar full of disease, envy, revenge,
spite, and other evils which went on man, down on the earth, but she closed it.
The only thing left in it was hope. That is all man had now - hope. Prometheus
completed his mission, even though he was chained up on the side of the mountain
and tormented the rest of his life.

V. Plot

There was a time when there was no gods, and Heaven and Earth alone
existed. From their union sprung the Titans, and the children of the Titans,
the gods rebelled and overthrew them. Now there was no men on Earth so
Prometheus had a task of making one. He mixed clay with water, kneaded it,
shaped it, and made it look rather god like in shape. He made it stand upright
so man could look up at the stars, as opposed to down on the Earth, like the
animals. Now Prometheus had to give man gifts to make him superior to all the
animals. Unfortunately, his brother Epimetheus already had given all the great
gifts to the animals, and there was nothing left for man. Then Prometheus
thought of a great idea, that would enable man to make weapons, tools, master
the arts, protect them from nature, and slay beasts, among other things. So
Prometheus lit his torch at the chariot of the sun, and went back down to Earth.
Zeus was mad because ...

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