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Grant hill

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Grant hill


Characters: Baby Boy Hill or Grant Hill, Grant's mom Janet and his dad Calvin.

Time: 1972-1995

Place: Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina and Detroit

Problem: The problem in Grant's childhood was that he constantly moved from place to place because of his father's football career. Another problem was he loved sports but he did not know which one. He first tried soccer and that did not work out.

Events leading to resolution

1. When Grant was about five months old, his doctor said he was growing so fast that he would soon be bowlegged unless his legs were broken and reset to straighten them. His mother being such a strong-willed women had Calvin and his friends call the general and refuse to let her baby go through so much pain.

2.Grant grew up and as he got older, he became interested in the sport of basketball. He played at the playground with his friends and soon was able to be on a team.

3. After playing on the AAU team, Grant entered South Lakes High School. He was looking forward to playing on the freshmen team with his boyhood friends.


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