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Grand Slam Record!

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Grand slam record falls again
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Posted: Sunday May 21, 2000 07:35 PM
Jason Giambi crushed a 3-1 pitch over the right-center field wall for his 17th homer of the season and fifth career grand slam. AP
NEW YORK (AP) -- Baseball had its grandest day ever.
Less than one year after the first five grand-slam day in major league history, there were six hit Sunday.

Anaheim's Garrett Anderson hit the record-breaker with two outs in the third inning off Kansas City's Chris Fussell.

J.T. Snow of San Francisco, Brian Hunter of Philadelphia, Jason Giambi of Oakland, and Los Angeles' Adrian Beltre and Shawn Green connected with the bases loaded earlier in the day, bettering the record set last Aug. 9.

It was the first time the Dodgers had two grand slams in a game since Aug. 23, 1985, when Pedro Guerrero and Mariano Duncan did it against Montreal. The Brooklyn Dodgers also had two slams in a game in 1901 in Cincinnati.

"It is exciting to be a part of history," Green said. "Especially with the Dodgers and ...

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