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Government instructions includ

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Government instructions includ

In trying to make leaders stronger and more effective, many writers have offered counseling for their leaders. Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince is an instruction manual for princes and kings. After he wrote The Prince many believed that not following this guide would lead to a king or prince's downfall. King George III of Great Britain did not follow Machiavelli's manual and thus caused the breakdown of his empire. The Prince, is one of the first examinations of politics and science from a purely scientific and rational perspective.

Machiavelli was a very smart man. He was always aware of the events going on in the world and an astounding historian. His observations in chapter III apply well with modern day America. He takes some tips from the Romans, stating that a Prince should "colonize, protect lesser powers without increasing their strength, reduce strong and threatening powers, do not let foreign powers gain footing in neighboring areas"(38). America has accomplished a lot of these tasks; perhaps that is why we are one of the world's super powers. We colonized the North American continent, we've protected our allies yet we don't give them much power, reduced the strong nations and threatening powers (Milosevic, Sadam, and Yeltsin), and we invaded many islands in the Pacific as strategic military positions. The Aleutian Islands are a major acquisition for the United States. For if we didn't occupy those, Russia would have them and they could invade from the north.

However I disagree with Machiavelli on the subject of warfare. In chapter XIV, Machiavelli says, "a prince's main objective and profession must be warfare"(81). A lot of things can be settled without bloodshed and violence. In the modern world, war is an extremely scary thing, especially with all the nuclear and biochem technology. I believe a "prince's" main objective and profession is to take care of his people and govern his land with justice, honesty, and respect. He must always strive to become allies with other countries and befriend countries that are his enemies. War is not necessary in order to gain domain. If you are allies, then your people are welcome to other countries. And we ...

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