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God Vs Minos

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God Vs Minos

God Versus Minos

The journey that life takes one on is sometimes long and difficult. There are many obstacles to overcome and decisions to make. Occasionally, one makes a bad judgement and, in consequence, commits a malevolent act. Although this act is resentful, one's entire life is not based on this single action. Just as Theodore Roosevelt once declared, "We must remember not to judge any man by any one act," a human being is not disclosed to eternal damnation for a solitary, or even a few, malignant offenses. The Almighty Lord evaluates one's entire life and then sends one's soul to heaven, hell or purgatory. When one's soul is sent to hell, it arrives at the feet of the evil and vicious Minos. Minos, from the poem Inferno, is solely a being who assigns individuals to certain destinations in hell. He is a being who assesses one's sins once God has sent one's soul to him. Minos is disparate to the Lord in many ways because he does not evaluate an individual's entire life and because he possesses evil qualities.

Firstly, God evaluates one's entire existence before he assigns your soul to a certain destination. He assesses the good and the bad that one committed from beginning to end. He, basically, looks at an overview of how one lived their life. He considers many things. He contemplates what one did with their life and the way that one acted while they were alive. For example, did one accomplish everything that they could have during their life or did one fool around and waste their entire existence on this earth? Moreover, God also appraises what kind of individual one was during their lifetime before he makes a decision on where one's soul will eventually rest. For instance, was one a caring and amicable individual or was one a resentful and spiteful being.

Lastly, and most importantly, God surveys if one was a virtuous human being. He looks at how many and what type of sins one committed while one was mortal. In addition, God also evaluates the severity of the sins that one performed while one was alive before he designates one's soul to heaven, hell or purgatory. For example, was one a serial killer or did one steal a pack of gum from the local store when they were nine? Evidently, God contemplates many things before he assigns one's soul ...

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