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God Guided Evolution

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God Guided Evolution

For centuries man has questioned his origins. Arguments have been made, men have been persecuted, and wars have even been fought involving the beliefs on the creation of the universe. In the modern day two theories have been concocted and have become the basis for debate on the spoken subject. On the far left side is Evolutionism. This is the belief that the universe was created by a series of random occurrences, that there is no supreme being, and that we exist purely by accident. On the far right side is the far older belief of Creationism. Creationism explains that a supreme deity, usually the Christian God, created all the inhabitants of this universe on his will alone. The middle ground is the theory that a supreme being guided the evolutionary path of all organisms to their current status. Through reading the Holy Bible, and studying numerous science authorities, logical deductions can be made that would help one form his own opinion on the matter. One might go so far to say as science and the Bible are God's most basic forms of communication with the human; thus scientific deduction of the Bible should allow us to solve the mystery of man's and the universe's origins.

A very highly debated topic within the bigger argument is, 'What started it all?' Creationists believe that God merely spoke all that we know into existence, but evolutionists prefer to believe a massive, random explosion spawned the cosmos. Obviously, a middle-grounder could find both preposterous. The very first line of the Holy Bible states, 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.' For such a massive, random occurrence on the evolution side is quite hard for one to fathom, but for a massive, controlled occurrence to take place would be quite another thing all together. So, it would be very possible that God created this 'origin spec' and provided the catalyst for it to explode into the wonders of the universe.

Several times within the bible declares that 'God created all things'. The laws of nature and science in general fit into the category of 'all things'. Thus, God created the spec, and caused it to explode with under his complete supervision. Then, he let nature, the nature that he created, takes its course. Planets, stars, and solar systems were created. The earth came to be, and nature gradually took it from where it was, to how we know it today. Thus God created nature, and through nature God did his first five days of work, as mentioned in the book of Genesis. Eventually, God's laws of nature allowed amino acids, the building blocks of life, to originate within the vast oceans of the earth, and life began.

Life is, of course, the most highly debated point of this essay, and of the argument of origins. The opinion of this essay on how life came to be has already been clearly acknowledged. It has been stated that God set up the creation of the universe, and carried it out based on laws that he wrote before hand. It has also been stated that the arrangement and the laws lead to the first forms of life on the planet. This is when God begins to guide evolution for the sole purpose of accommodating his most glorious creation: man. First, microbes are created. Later these microbes will help man keep clean, fight off infection, and digest food. Next, plants begin to evolve. In millions of years these plants will provide man with a steady source of food, medicine, and entertainment. Finally, animals make their appearance onto the planet. These creatures also provide food, medicine, as well as companionship, and most importantly, an entrance for man into the world. Eventually, the believed ancestor of man, Australopithecus arrived. This would be the final evolution of species before God would intervene in his creation since the time that he started it all.

God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and ...

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