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Global Warming a serious threa

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Global Warming a serious threa

Is global warming a serious threat?

As human technology has been developed by scientists and researchers, we not only get a comfort in living throughout our life but it also helps people to find more jobs and less popery. However, on the other hand, there are some increasing problems on our planet earth due to human activities. They increased the global temperature about 0.5F to 1.1F (0.3~0.6C) since the last half of the 19th century (Global warming 1). The increase in global warming causes the "raising sea level", "changing precipitation", and "other local climate conditions" (ESP impacts of Climate Change 1).

The ESP states that "changing regional climate could alter forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It could also threaten human health, and harm birds, fish, and many types of ecosystems."

The threat to human health is due to local climate. The reason why local climate threatens human health is that "extreme temperatures can directly cause the loss of life". And also many serious diseases appear in warm places. But not only is it that "warm temperatures can increase air and water pollution, which in turn harm human health" (ESP Health 1). The hot temperature, which could be the most direct effect of climate change, causes the heat problem. Because their cardiovascular system has to work harder to keep the body cool during hot weather. The temperature causes harmful effects to human health and another is cause of lung problem. "Higher air temperatures also increases the concentration of ozone at ground level". When this happens, the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the upper atmosphere reaches the earth's surface. The ESP states that "Ozone damages lung tissue, and causes particular problems for people with asthma and other lung diseases. Even modest exposure to ozone can cause healthy individuals to experience chest pains, nausea, and pulmonary congestion". The data from ESP shows that heat wave killed 700 people in the Chicago in July 1995 and U.S., only 1000 people died from the cold each year, while twice that many died from the heat (ESP Health 1). Global warming also creates warm areas more which causes the certain harmful disease to appear. The ESP points out that:

Diseases that are spread by mosquitoes and other insects could become more prevalent if warmer temperatures enabled those insects to become established farther north; such "vector-borne" diseases include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis. Some scientists believe that algal blooms could occur more frequently as temperatures warm -particularly in areas with polluted waters-in which case diseases such a cholera that tend to accompany algal blooms could become more frequent.

The agriculture could be harmfully affected by global warming. The only success of harvesting is really dependent on climate because crops grow in the moist soil most of time. The data from ...

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