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Give labeling a chance

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Give labeling a chance

Give Labeling a Chance

In the grocery store anyone can find a plethora of goods that have the potential to improve human life in the simplest ways. Goods such as a Snickers bar, which can provide a little relaxation from an insane day at the job, or a gallon of milk, so that the kids can have something to drink with the nutritious breakfast that was also bought at the grocery store. Yet one aisle in this great place of choices destroys the relaxing candy bar or the weekly gallon of milk. This aisle is heavily perfumed and can not be avoided because it is placed smack-dab in the middle of the store. This aisle is the chemical aisle. It contains things from Mr. Clean, which cleans up the spilled milk that dried on the linoleum floor, to Raid which is supposed to get rid of flies at the next family bar-b-que. Even though life in general would be easier and more enjoyable without insects that can be bothersome, it is not necessary to pollute the air, ground, food, and liquids that are used daily by the inhabitants of the planet Earth, nor is it necessary to give misleading information about the products being used to boost sales and get a higher profit. The government should make stricter laws on the labeling of goods that contain chemicals which could be potentially hazardous to one's health.

First, "corporations are trying to mislead consumers into believing household pesticides are harmless," according to Marion Moses, M.D. of the Pesticide Education Center in San Francisco ("Latest Organic"). Raid, a product produced by S.C. Johnson Corporation, which is used to kill roaches, ants, and flies, has inscribed on the side of its container "MADE WITH PYRETHRINS: PYRETHRIN INSECTICIDE IS MADE FROM FLOWERS" (18). That fact is very reassuring in its own way, but what is not mentioned on the label is that only eight-tenths of one percent of Pyrethrin is actually used in the production of Raid (18), and that the most active ingredient is Dursban which can cause numbness, tingling sensations, incoordination, headache, dizziness, tremor, nausea, just to name a few(Extoxnet). Also, over ninety-eight percent of Raids ingredients are ...

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