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Girls Are Better Students Than Boys

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* Honourable Judges, Revered Teachers, Seniors and friends, good evening to all of you.

* I Manasi Manaswini feel privileged in getting this opportunity to speak a few words before you all.

* Today's topic of debate is "Girls are better students than boys". Before going to the topic proper I will like to tell you all something.

* In the Vedic era women so excelled in the sphere of education that even the deity of learning was conceived of as a female known as `Saraswati'.

* But from the post vedic era till the second half of 19[th] century, the girl education suffered a lot because of traditions like child marriage and beliefs like, it is wastage of money to spend in daughter's education because the daughter will go to her husband.

* Thanks to the efforts of social reform organizations like Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission, etc. that made possible for us, the girls, to be educated.

* Being a girl, I feel proud to say yes, girls are definitely better in studies than boys.

* Let me support my claim ...

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