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Germany 2

Germany is located in Central Europe. It borders the Baltic Sea and the

North Sea. It is between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark. It is

slightly smaller than Montana.

Germany's economy was the world's third most powerful in 1997. The

German economy benefited from robust exports, particularly to other members of

the EU and the US, as well as strengthening equipment investments. But anemic

private consumption and contraction in the construction industry limited the

expansion. Unemployment continued to set post-war monthly records through

the end of 1997 and averaged 4.3 million for the year. In preparation for the first

of January 1999, the start of the European Monetary Union, the government has

made major efforts in 1996-97 to reduce the fiscal deficit. This effort has been

complicated by growing unemployment, an erosion of the tax base, and the

continuing transfer of roughly $100 billion a year to eastern Germany to

refurbish this ex-communist area. In recent years business and political leaders

have become increasingly concerned about Germany's decline in attractiveness

as an investment target. They cite increasing preference by German companies

to locate new manufacturing facilities in foreign countries rather than in

Germany, to be closer to the markets, and to avoid Germany's high tax rates,

high wage cost, rigid labor structures, and extensive regulations. For similar

reasons foreign investment in Germany has been lagging for years.

Germany is one of the world's leading industrial nations. Western

Germany is among the world's largest and technologically advanced producers

of iron, steel, coal, cement, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, machine tools, and

electronics. Eastern Germany's industries are metal fabrication, chemicals,

brown coal, shipbuilding, machine building, textiles, and petroleum refining.

Industry employs around 41 percent of the German work force. Germany's

biggest industry is vehicles because of luxury cars such as the BMW,

Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche, but you can't forget the VW Beetle.

German exports value at 521.1 billion dollars. Manufacturing, such as

machines and machine tools, chemicals, motor vehicles, and iron and steel

products, totals over 88 percent of all exports. Agricultural products account for 5 percent, raw materials for a little over 2 percent, and fuels as 1 percent. Other non-mentioned products total about 3 and a half percent.

German imports value at 455.7 billion dollars. manufactured items are

also the most imported at a little over 74 percent of all imports. Agricultural

products equal around 10 percent, fuels are over 6 percent, and raw materials

are almost 6 percent. Other non-mentioned materials are under 4 percent of the

total imports.

The labor force is roughly 38.7 million people. As said earlier industry

employs around 41 percent, agriculture employs 3 percent, and services employ

56 percent. The unemployment rate is 12 percent.

Children ...

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