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George III

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George III

King George III (known as the king who lost America), was born in 1738. King George III's

father, the Prince of Wales died when he was young. When George III was 22, in 1760, his

grandfather, George II, died. On September 8th, 1761 he married Princess Charlotte Sophia

from Mecklenburg-Strelitz, in Germany and on September 22nd, 1761, George III became

the King of England. George himself was of partial German ancestry. George and Charlotte

had 15 children, one of whom, George IV would be the next king.

King George III sat upon the throne of England from 1760-1820. It was on his watch that the

American colonies were lost. King George III, after the French and Indian War, had large

debts to pay, and thought he could extract the necessary money from the colonies. King

George was incensed when the insolent American colonists objected to the taxes being levied,

particularly the Stamp Act. When the Stamp Act was repealed, King George flew into a rage.

King George thought the colonists should be dealt with harshly for their disobedience and

insolence. Using his profound influence, he pushed through the Townshend Acts, in 1766, taxing many commodity items<...

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