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Genetic engineering 4

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Genetic engineering 4

The rapid development of the technology for cloning has led to moral debates around the world on whether or not to ban creating human clones. With the advancement of clone technology two states, California and Michigan have already banned the cloning of humans. "Everybody who thought it would proceed slowly and could be stopped was wrong, said Lee Silver, a professor from the University of Princeton (McFarling 1) . . ." Without proper research on behalf of the politicians of California and Michigan, the premature ban should be reconsidered and appealed. Cloning could provide a way for infertile couples to produce children genetically similar to themselves, a method of creating spare organs for transplants, and a cure for genetic disease. Human cloning may provide numerous benefits to mankind and should not be banned.

Cloning is the Creation of another person that is an exact copy of another person (Clarke 1); this leaves too much to the imagination and leads to misunderstanding of the methods scientists use in cloning. In more clear terms, cloning is the process in which DNA of a female egg is replaced with different DNA from another cell. This process is referred to as the Nuclear Transfer or Nuclear Substitution. DNA molecules are the strings of protein that hold genetic coding. In this operation, the nucleus, which is the part of the cell that contains the DNA, are carefully removed from an unfertilized female egg then replaced with the DNA from the cell of another person (Harris 4). The egg with the DNA from another person is then manipulated into believing it has been fertilized and is implanted into the womb of the mother just as is done in the process of vitro fertilization. Afterwards the fetus develops and is born after nine months, just like a natural baby (Dumesic 1). What this means is that the clone shares only the same DNA as the person from which it was cloned. It shares none of the same memories, knows none of the same people, and it will experience completely different things. The clone is like a much younger identical twin. The person and the clone of the person share the same genetic structure, which means the clone will look the exact same as the original. Studies have shown that identical twins who are raised apart often share similar personalities and intelligence, even though possessed of entirely different experience and background (Vere 3).

A mixture between two people's genetic structure could provide a way for infertile couples or homosexual couples with a way to create a genetically related child. There are many couples in the world of which one of the partners is unable to naturally donate his/her genes for the purpose of procreation. Only through cloning technology will they be able to give birth to a child that is related to them genetically. Ensuring that the families genes are passed on to future generations would be more appealing to parents than adoption or using sperm and eggs from an unrelated donor. In late 1997 Richard Seed announced that he would attempt to create a child using cloning technology, and his post menopausal wife would be carrying the child. "Seed, with no medical credentials or funding, is not expected to succeed (McFarling 2) . . ."

It is possible to create a full human being by cloning, but the clone does not have to develop into a full human. Inhibitors can be injected into a growing clone so that only certain organs will be produced. This process does not require a mother to carry the child for 9 months, and can be done in a laboratory petri dish. This gives doctors a way ...

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