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Gendre Stereotyping

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Gendre Stereotyping

In the year 2000, the average person is spending more of his/her leisure time watching television, or using their computer. The shows on TV and the information available to us available through all types of media influence our decision process. An individuals perception of the world is ever-changing as he/she recieves more and more information. Although being informed is good, it can be very dangerous. TV influences every aspect of our lives; our life style, what we wear, how we look, and how we act.

Children are more susceptible to the influence of television compared to adults. This is true because of a lack of maturity. Children often identify with a popular movie or television character although both adults and children are influenced by television. Information acquired through all media can be destructive. We know information can be harmful when we use the terms "tomboy" and "sissy".

These terms automatically make the accused party an outcast. The term "tomboy" is used when referring to a girl who may seem slightly masculine, whereas the term "sissy" is used to describe a boy whe may seem slightly feminine. The socially accepted despcription of what it is to be masculine is to be strong, to be able to support a family, and to have high stamina. On the other hand, what it is to be feminine is to be a loving mother, and to stay home with their kids. Men and women have very specific and very different dress codes. Men must where suits and women must wear dresses. Men must stay away from feminine colours such as purple and pink. Whoever crosses the ...

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