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Today's society plays a very important role in the construction of gender.


is a type of issue that has raised many question over the years in defining and debating if

both male and female are equal. Today gender is constructed in four different ways. The

first way gender is defined is by the family in which a child is raised. Second is the society

in which a child interacts; makes friends and enemies. The third is our school system and

our board of education. And the last but not least is our own self conscious. Each of the

above four ways have a unique way of molding and helping an individual define his/her


Lets take the first one in perspective. The family is a very important factor in

defining our gender. Our gender starts to define as soon as we are born. If a boy is born

in a family, the family members would buy toys like monster trucks, race cars, action hero

and toys that inspire a male behavior. As oppose to if a girl is born, the family members

would buy dolls, and cute dresses, and stuffed bears. They would inspire her to behave

soft and kind like a female should behave. Parents would allow their sons to stay out late

and be little more liberal on them. And they would not allow their daughter to stay our

late and be a little strict. Dads would expect their sons to help him in the garage or any

other project around the house and moms expect their daughters to help them in kitchen.

All of these characteristics are not unusual or our of ordinary, this has been the tradition

for hundreds of ears and as far as I can see it will still remain the same.

Society is a social factors that has many ways in which its mold a individual and

defines his/her gender. Society includes your friends, mentors, enemies, and our

co-workers and significant others. If you are a boy you usually hand around with guys,

playing football, basketball and other sports. A boy is expected to have 'Machoness'

inside him when he grows up. If you are a girl, you would usually hang around girls,

playing indoor games, watching soaps, and going shopping every now and them. A

society expect a boy to be the solid figure in a family. A man who can earn the bread for

the family and women to take care of kids and the house. Jobs out in our society defines

gender. Men are usually factory workers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, farmers, or

army men. The bottom line is, that a man is expected to have jobs that require more

physical ability then jobs then women has. If we look back 20-30 years ago, not many

women had jobs or financial responsibility. Today almost every women has a job and

contributes toward their family's income. But the jobs that ...

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Keywords: gender dysphoria, gender fluid, gender reveal, gender neutral names, gender equality, gender reveal party, gender inequality, gender studies

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