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Gender Inbalances In School

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The science and engineering professors' job is to educate. They are placed in the position of authority and told to educate the people. The people, are the students of the University of Rhode Island. When the school is broken down by gender I imagine that there equal if not greater numbers of females than males. But when the individual colleges are examined there are great imbalances.
Is it their fault that there are not that many females/males in there section? No. They are not to blame, but can they do something about it? Yes. The point that they take is that it is because of the education or lack of education at younger ages that is at fault and should be looked at. True that could be a reason, but is turning your back going to help? No.
I believe that they are correct to say that the practices that went on in primary schools when today's college students were there did not promote women in these fields. It may have changed since then, but today's females have either no interest in these fields or are not capable of entering them. I know that they (females) can do the work but there may be glass walls preventing them from entering.
I don't believe that it is a 'fruitless' effort to engage in a way that would promote women in these fields. Since I have been in college I have change my major 3 times. Most of my friends have ...

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