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It is becoming a familiar scenario. A city or town in need of money

and jobs finds itself confronting an idea that promises to bring plenty of

both. This idea is bringing in legalized gambling to the community. 'All of

a sudden it's like bang, legalized gambling is the biggest economic

development force in almost every state in the country,' says Robert

Goodman, an urban planner fom the University of Massachusetts who

recently completed a two-year national study of the gambling industry.

This is one of the reasons why legalized gamgling doesn't hurt the U.S.

economy; instead it improves the U.S. economy, because legalized

gambling gives entertainment to citizens, brings new job oppurtunities,

and lowers taxes; that is why the U.S. should legalize all gambling in all


Gambling has been practiced by people throughout history.

Anthropologists, who have found evidence of games of chance among early

peoples, contend that the attitude of early humankind toward gambling

derived from their general attitude toward the environment. To these

people the world was a mysterious place controlled by supernatural beings

whose favor or disfavor was manifested through chance situations and the

outcome of such events as hunts, wars, and games of chance; instruments

of divination frequently included objects used in gambling.

As people gradually acquired knowledge of the nature of their

environment and interpreted it in terms of cause and effect, their attitude

toward gambling changed. Games of chance became pastimes, but the

ancient belief that a lucky gambler was favored by the gods persisted.

Among the upper classes of the peoples of antiquity, gambling was

frequently associated with extravagance and licentiousness. During the


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