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Frog is the common name for a species of amphibian that also includes
toads. A very common question is 'whats the difference between and toads?'
, the answer: none, except for the fact that toads lack the powerful legs that
have. 'Where can and toads be found?', one might ask. They live in
all parts of the world, except for Antarctica, but are mostly found in tropical
areas. Frogs are small animals with smooth moist skin, and big eyes that can
see in almost any direction. Most species have webbed feet and powerful legs
making them good jumpers, and excellent swimmers. A frogs tongue is attached to
the front of it's mouth instead of the rear, and most frogs are very vocal,
especially the male frogs.
As a frog grow, it goes through many changes. Starting out as a tadpole,
and morphing into a frog. Most frogs lay their eggs in water. Others will lay
their eggs some where safe, then carry them to water where they hatch into
tadpoles. At this stage they have gills, no legs, and a tail. As they mature,
their gills and tail disappear, and they develop lungs and legs. This period of
tadpole life can be divided into three stages. The first stage, called '
premetamorphosis,' lasts about 50 days (Patent 54). The second stage, in which
the hind legs grow, is called 'prometamorphosis,' and lasts about 21 days. When
the legs are about as long as the body, the third stage, which is called '
metamorphic climax,' and takes place very rapidly, begins. During this last
stage, which lasts about a week, many great changes occur. They lungs complete
their development, and the gills disappear. The skin gets thicker, nostrils
form, and the tail is completely resorbed.
Most frogs prefer moist regions, and many kinds live in the water.
Because frogs absorb oxygen in water through their skin, they can stay
underwater for long periods of time. A frogs body temperature depends on it's
surroundings, and during cold weather, frogs dig burrows in mud and hibernate.
During hibernation, the frog needs little oxygen and no more food than is
already in it's tissues. During intense heat, a frog might estivate, or in
other words, lie in a state of torpor during the heat, after burying themselves
in sand and clay.
Frogs are carnivores. They eat just about anything smaller than then
that moves. A frog thinks like this: If it's smaller than itself and moves,
eat it. If it's the same size, mate, or attempt to mate (this gets some frogs
in lots of trouble). If it's bigger than itself, run. Their diet may include<...

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