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As with any government, there is the necessity of an economy, or else the government would fail because economy is one of the basic necessities of a government. With a democracy like we have in a country of our size, managing this economy becomes a big problem. One important factor is; In a country based on freedom, how much are we willing to give up to keep the economy stable? None? A little bit? All of it? The answer is not as simple as any of those. If nothing is given up, then we will get nowhere. There would be no regulations and no control. Everything would be in this person's view, or that person's view, and there would be no way of making sure that there was any consistency. Let's use the FDA as an example. If there was no regulation, then not only would the FDA not exist, but nothing would be known about the effects of hundreds of drugs, and many people would be either sick or dead because they didn't know if a drug was safe or not when they bought it off ...

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