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Freedom of bytes

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Freedom of bytes

Freedom of Bytes

In today's era there exists a medium, which like never before is becoming a medium of communication and interaction between humans, namely the World Wide Web. This old but yet new medium is expanding and changing rapidly, thus making it close to impossible to control.

The World Wide Web is offering more to society now than it ever has before, created by the army to keep up communications during crisis, it's importance to the army has also transcended into regular society. The internet is offering commerce, entertainment, and most important easy and fast access to information about anything and everything possibly conceivable by humans. Through the computer people are now literally a few mouse clicks away from buying anything from cars to toothbrushes, clicks away from entering a chatroom and conversing with fellow ?Netizens?, and few clicks away from databases, essays, articles, and multimedia presentations on any entity whatsoever.

For the same reasons that the World Wide Web is so valuable and popular, it is also bad and dangerous. You might be able to shop around for an airplane ticket and might decide to buy one over the internet, yet the minute you type in your credit card number you attract people in finding that number and using it without your consent. You might be amazed at how easy and helpful sending e-mails is, yet it is also easy for someone to send you unsolicited information, which you might not be interested in and in some instances you might even have objections to it.

Since the internet is so easy, accessible and essentially unregulated, it leaves room for many controversies about the web, including electronic commerce, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy and more. By far though the most controversial and talked about ?problem? is pornography on the web. Imagine the previous example of receiving unwanted e-mail imagine you suddenly get sent nude pictures of people and links which invite you to more of what they have already shown, take for example the fact that someone might use your credit card to subscribe to sites which offer pornography, and think about your son, daughter or even yourself being on a site about a music band you like and you accidentally click a link and before you now it you are being subjected to hard core pornography.

It just became apparent that pornography on the net not only encompasses controversies about pornography itself, but also all the other controversies and problems the internet already has. Sex has always been something which has intrigued people, and that is probably in essence how pornography became to be. As society developed in the 21st Century red-light districts flourished which centralized anything which had to do with sex in one geographic location. As sex and pornography became a more and more pertinent issue, the supreme court ruled in 1976 that cities could use their zoning powers to keep out sex-oriented businesses, and that more or less was the end of red-light districts in America. Nowadays with the Internet coming along as a more widespread medium the issue of pornography resurfaces and along with it, it carries many other disputes.

One of the main controversies about pornography on the web is if it should be permitted in first place, since it is morally wrong to some people, and because it allows adolescents to access pornography, both willingly and unwillingly. Since there are no specific laws for the internet, a simple disclaimer is the only barrier between a user and X-rated material, in addition some pornographic sites have addresses which are similar to popular sites, such as (the real site) and (the porn site), causing people to be lured to their sites through a simple misunderstanding or even a minute typing error.

Before one can come to a consensus about what is right, there has to ...

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