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Franjo Tudjman

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Franjo Tudjman

Franjo Tudjman

Franjo Tudjman was born in Veliko Trgovisaee, a small village in Zagorje on May 14, 1922. His father was a prominent member of the Croatian Peasant Party. He had two brothers, one of which was murdered in 1943 for being a member of the antifascist movement. While attending elementary school in his home town, his mother passed away. He attended high school from 1934-1941 in Zagreb, which is now the capital. While attending high school, he supported himself by tutoring others. He also participated in the national democratic movement, which he was taken into custody for in 1940. In 1946, Franjo's father was liquidated because of his criticism on the new Yugo-communist government (Dr. Franjo Tudjman... 1). In the early half of the 50's, he started his academic work. He published more than 150 essays and articles on topics ranging from history to military theory. In 1957, he completed his schooling in the Higher Military Academy. Then in 1960, he was promoted to general, but he decided to leave the military to devote himself to academics and written work. In 1961, he ...

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