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Foster Wallace: This is Water Summary

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Lewi Hagos
Professor Jerrod E. Bohn
English 101
12 October 2017

Foster Wallace: This is Water Summary

David Foster Wallace, an American writer and university instructor, was invited to do the commencement speech at Kenyon College in two-thousand and five. His speech, This is Water, was unlike others because he talked about the obvious realities of adulthood that are often the hardest to see. He frankly stated that many large parts of American adulthood consist of boredom, routine, and petty frustration. He then describes a typical day for a person with a white-collar job. It essentially consists of waking up early in the morning, rushing to work while being stuck in traffic, stressing at work for the next eight to ten hours, and then finally coming home to realize there's no food at home. ...

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