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Folk Tales - The Happy Boy

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The Happy Boy

Many, many years ago, there lived a young man in the city. He was a sad person because he always thought that he didn't have anything. He was a good looking man, very strong, and always worked out in the gym. He had a good family that loved him. His father worked hard. His mother had a charity and was really busy with that. He often was left alone and this made him unhappy.

One day, he decided that he needed to make himself happy. "I must find ways to be happy and see things in a different light," he said. He started to look at the people around him differently. He looks at the birds and thought they were beautiful. He saw the flamboyant trees and thought they shined a golden orange just like the sunsets that he saw every night. When his attitude changed, the people around him changed their attitude towards him.

"I love my friends. I love my family," he said. He started to give more to people. The more he gave, the more people wanted. He bought things for people. The more things he bought for people, the more they wanted. One day he stopped calling people and asking them to do things with him. He noticed that the ...

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