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Fixing a Computer

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Fixing a Computer

Fixing A Computer

Fixing computers is easy. The paragraphs to follow contain information on labeling parts, problems, and repairing vs. fixing. In these paragraphs will also compare a computer to the human circulatory system.

The internal parts of computers are very easy to recognize, once they are labeled. We will start by opening the case into the computer. Before opening the case don't forget to have the computer turned off and unplugged, we don't want to fry the computer parts. Once inside, we have a look around, and see a lot of parts that are unrecognizable to us. We will start from a top to bottom process of labeling parts. First look towards the bottom the big green board that everything else lies on is called the motherboard. A motherboard acts like the arteries of a human taking the blood all over allowing the blood places to travel, except the motherboard does this with electrical signals. The motherboard has three cards on it; they are the graphics card, sound card, and modem. They act like the voice, the eyes and the mouth of a human. You can tell the difference between them by how they connect in the back of the computer. The graphics card has a prong plug in, the sound card has a place where speaker plugs can go and modems have a place where you can put your phone line. Next to the left of the cards we see there is a little chip with a fan on top, this is the processor. The processor acts like the heart of a human sending blood all over the body, but instead of blood the processor sends electrical signals. Straight above the processor in the little slot is the hard drive. The hard drive acts kind of like the brain of the whole computer, by ...

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