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Finding Aviation In A Boy's Heart

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As I walked down the cold hallway with my mom, I began to hear the subtle whine and noise of vehicles scurrying around. Reaching the end, the shiny paint and the smell of jet fuel had an almost hypnotizing effect. Walking through the steel doorway into the plane, the flight attendant and the captain greeted us. He stood there with a smile that could cheer anyone up. The gold wings pinned to his chest that reflected the light of the sun with a blinding intensity. As I walked closer to the captain he reached out to shake my hand and asked if I would like to see the cockpit after the flight. I jumped at the chance hollering a "Yes" that echoed from one end of the plane to the other.
The flight attendant said to us, "Welcome aboard the Pan Am 747 to London" while looking at our tickets to point us in the right direction. As I walked down what seemed to be an endless aisle of seats, I noticed a graceful all metal staircase that spiraled into the ceiling. The stairs gave off a feeling that a person has to have privileges to walk them.
When we finally reached our seats, the seat belt signs turned on. I quickly hopped into the window seat and buckled my seatbelt. Soon the soothing voice of a flight attendant was giving instructions over the intercom on emergency procedures. I began to hear the whining of the engines, and with a clunk, we began moving. As the plane began to roll backwards, the captain announced on the intercom how long the trip would be.
When the plane finally reached the runway, the engines started to scream as more power was wanted. Rolling down the runway all that I saw was a blur as everything raced by the window. All at once the plane rocked back and began to lift off the ground, like a bird taking flight. Climbing up into the air, I sank into my seat ...

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