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John doe
Film 230
Chapter 19

1. If you're planning to use anything other than originally scored music in your film, television program, music video, commercial or multimedia project, you'll need the services of a music supervisor and/or a music clearance service. PG 303

2. Music Clearance is the process of securing permission to use musical compositions and recordings owned by someone else.

3. An agreement between a copyright owner and a user of the copyright is called a license.

4. The clearance process should be undertaken before being commited to using specific songs and recordings.

5. Music clearance issues should be addressed early in the planning stages of a project

6. Music that's broadcast every day on radio, television and cable is subject to federal copyright protection.

7. Errors and Omissions insurance covers all of the parties in the production/distribution chain for reasonable errors and omissions that may occur during production.

8. Additionally, the application for insurance must be signed by an attorney who's familiar with the clearance procedures of the insurance company. PG 304

9. A songwriter may sell or assign the copyright in his song to a music publisher who pays the writer a share of the royalties derived from the exploitation. PG 304

10. The publisher generally owns the copyright and Is the party with authority to grant permission for its use.

11. The approval of the songwriter may be required before a music publisher can grant a license.

12. Rear window decision means songs copyrighted before January 1, 1978 are entitled to two terms of copy-right protection: a term of 28 years then a renewal term of 75 years.

13. The rights commonly required in order to use musical compositions and recordings in television and film productions may be divided into different categories.

14. A public performance is a term of art that refers to the right to recite, play, sing, dance, act out or broadcast a musical composition in public

15. Legislation was enacted in 1995 that gives owners of sound recording a limited performance right in 'digital audio transmissions'.

16. A music publisher has the right to control the reproduction (recording) of a musical composition. PG 305

17. Record companies also have the right to control the reproduction of their recordings.

18. A copyright owner has the right to control the alteration or adaptation of musical compositions.

19. That includes parodies, translations, and lyrics changes.

20. Music rights are often licensed individually by separate parties.

21. Public performing rights for television broadcasts are handled by the broadcasters of the television programming.

22. Broadcasters have a choice between choosing a 'blanket' or 'per program' license.

23. Record companies generally control and license their recording themselves.

24. Producers have no reason to keep track of the ownership ...

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