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Filing for a Quick Divorce

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Filing for a Quick Divorce

Filing for divorce has become a simple and quick process with the release of self-help kits. In the past a simple divorce would cost an average of fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars and take about six months to complete. Now for a fraction of the cost and time you can file for a divorce without hiring an attorney. For thirty-five dollars you can purchase a self-help kit at the courthouse and begin the process of ending your marriage.

The kit breaks down the process into simple steps, it includes all the forms necessary for filing and one hour of legal advise from a public attorney. The first form is a questionnaire requesting information on both parties of the marriage. Then comes a Civil Cover Sheet, this form is used by the courthouse to assign a case number and a judge to the divorce. A Summons and a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage are prepared and served on the party not filing the divorce. A Summons is a form announcing the commencement of a legal proceeding in court. It contains instructions on how to answer the petition and who to contact.

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is a document that contains all the information on the marriage. When the marriage began, where it took place, etc. This document also includes information on the division of any properties, and if there are any children to the marriage. Attached to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is a Financial Affidavit. This document is a requirement of the court and both parties must fill one out. It is a detailed list of the expenses and earnings of each party in the marriage. The Financial Affidavit is the most tedious form to fill out.

Once these forms are completed you may take them to the Clerk of the Court for filing. This is the official commencement of a case, the clerk will assign a case number, a judge and forward the forms to a Sheriff. This process is called "filing" and it will cost you two hundred and fifty-one dollars and fifty cents. The Sheriff will go to the residence of the party not filing for divorce and personally hand him or ...

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