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Ferrari in my opinion is a company that right from the beginning was "build to last"(1), it was built to be the best in Europe. It's founder Enzo Ferrari was driven to develop the best (fastest) sports car possible not the most profitable. He was a clock builder, not a time teller so he developed traditions, he always wanted to be in the leading edge of automotive development; being a pioneer. That is why "so much of what Ferrari established and where it was begun continues"(2) today in Modena, Italy. He developed an internal drive that is crucial for company's success throughout the test of time and competition from other companies. Like all the visionary companies that I know, Ferrari also had it's problems but Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo"the man who saved Ferrari"(3) and this internal drive played an intense role in the transformation and the reconstruction of this once deeply troubled auto maker in to a European visionary company. Ferrari in my opinion has changed the Italian economy forever. They were the ones that stimulated all the automotive competition we have today in Italy, and they are the reason the Italians today are known for their beoutiful automobiles.

It all began in Europe, more precisely in Modena, Italy where Enzo Ferrari embarked on his lifelong passion in 1947. He was a racing pioneer, he engineered his cars with a "single objective in mind: speed,"(4) to build the fastest car possible in Europe. This in part is what distinguishes Ferrari a part from all the other automakers around Europe. For Enzo Ferrari it was a passion, he was driven by his passion to build the best racing car possible. In contrast the competition at the time was driven by profits. That is what sets Ferrari apart from all the other specialist automakers in Europe. In his time, the Italian company has raced against the likes of Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin, Vanwall, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz and Benetton, but their involvement on the track in the last 50 years has been short-lived compared to Ferrari's. Ferrari is still today the best in the Industry of sport car racing; they dominate the Formula 1 car racing for the past 50 years. This has really stimulated the Italian economy. Formula 1 is known to be one of the sports that raises the most capital, from advertising to ticket sales I fell that Ferrari is really helping the country's economy. Also I need to bring up the point that a lot of the research and development introduced in the racecars has helped the domestic market also. For example, ABS and Traction Control were all developed in the track and now are a success in the domestic industry thanks in part to Ferrari.

"The beauty of the company's tradition is that so much of what Ferrari established and where it was begun continues"(5). The roots are in Modena, Italy, and if you walk the streets of its central district today, you will see that remarkably little has changed. All this is as it has been for many years, and you can see the tradition in the newest Ferraris. The Pininfarina styling that simultaneously appeals to your highest sense of art and design, and to the fire that glows inside you. Look at the gauges, grip the shift lever in its metal gate, smell the leather upholstery...its all part of that Ferrari history of the tradition, commitment and energy of one man Enzo Ferrari. The man with a lifelong passion for wining European races, and from the thousands of races Ferrari has won, they have developed the knowledge and expertise to build cars that not only out-perform any others on the grid, but also excite and attract. This does not happen with competition. Companies such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Acura and McLaren have yet to show the staying power and attraction of Ferrari. And Porsche, the one company that approaches Ferrari's commitment, will always fall one year short of matching Maranello's record. Most of these companies just ignored their past roots, their "core ideology"(6).

But that's only part of the story. I think that automakers that spend too much time honoring history tend to become history. Ferrari is a company and company's need to be profitable to survive. Ferrari was a company stuck in the 1980's. 'The mentality, the way work was organized all needed to be changed.'(7) While much of what has made Ferrari ...

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