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Do all living things fear something? Those with minds surely have many and various fears, but even the simplest organisms must have fear, for fear is such a powerful feeling. Fear is all around us and is felt in every corner of the earth. Fear is the emotion or feeling that a living creature gets when its physical or mental life is interrupted by a change that causes the creature concern.

We humans especially, fear many different things: death, disease, old age, commitment, noises in the night, pain, responsibility, work, being too fat or too thin, or any number of other things. Some of our fears are reasonable and rationale, like the fear for our safety so we lock our doors at night, never walk alone on dark streets, and turn on lots of lights to keep the boogie man away. We fear for our health so we diet, exercise, and eat only healthy foods. Our fears can also help us make wise decisions: where to live, what to do with our money, how to raise our children, even what kind of car to drive and whether or not to drive it.

Our fears may be sudden like when your kid brother jumps out behind you and yells 'boo'. People's fears can be built up over a long period of time, for example, during the cold war millions of people thought that at any moment they would be attacked by the Russians, so they built bomb shelters because of that fear. Some of our fears come straight from our imagination. They may appear irrational or silly to others but fear, real or imagined, is still fear.

Change goes hand in hand with fear, for change is the cause of all fear. Even positive change can leave one in fear: the first day of school, a new job, moving day, a wedding, the birth of a child. Change, the process of all growth and life, is greeted generally with a feeling of fear. Fears seem to sneak up on us, drenching us in sweat sending our heart rate rocketing, leaving us quaking and shivering. Some fears we see coming and our body and mind prepare to fight or flee. We understand those kinds of fears and can use rational thinking , stress reduction, and plan our actions to combat those fears. Various things help reduce our sense of helplessness, which ...

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