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Fashion During The Renaissance

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Men's dress during The Renaissance, was just as fancy, except without the jewelry. Undergarments were worn on the men, and it was not unusual form them to wear tights. Tights ran up the legs, and were often of bright colors. Above the waist men were very elegant by wearing tight sleeves, velvit tunics, and silk frills. Lace was used on much of the clothing that men wore.
Italy was, and still is a very beautiful country. Many of the resources and geographical features of Italy were not yet discovered at the time of The Renaissance. The country of Italy is located in Southern Europe, which extends into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia. It is shaped like a lady's spiked high heeled boot. The capital of Italy is the beautiful city of Rome. Languages spoken in Italy were and still are Italian. The main religion is Roman Catholic. Italy was well equipped with mountains. Rivers such as the Arno, Cecing, and Ombrone all flowed throughout this country into The Tyrrhenian Sea. However, these rivers were not yet named. The climate was rather mild in most areas, except in ...

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