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Fascination of motorcycles 2

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Fascination of motorcycles 2

Fascination of Motorcycles

Imagine riding a hundred miles per hour. The wind in your hair, freedom of the open road stretching out in front of you, and a loud rumble below you. You quickly look down to check your actual speed, and when you reestablish a line of sight with the road a huge bug flies in your mouth. You quickly think about spitting it out but decide not to because it tastes so good. This is one small example of the extreme pleasures of riding on two wheels. There are many interesting and exciting aspects to motorcycles and the people who live, love, and swear by them. Many people look for different things, such as the types of motorcycles, styles, consumer activities, racing, and the psychological fulfillment. If we as a society could only focus on the positive aspects and not on the mostly over exaggerated dangers, then a true understanding might be achieved.

From the very beginning, motorcycles have been used for many different purposes, and there for many differently designed bikes were needed. The motorcycle started out as a bicycle with a motor, but as technology evolved it soon became it's own entity. The designs were so useful that police agencies began using them to combat crimes. The U.S. military quickly realized the advantages of two wheels, and soon put them into service. Upon returning from war, U.S. service members soon began using their personal motorcycle as a tool for expressing themselves. This spread to many other countries and soon changes started coming about. The big brutish cycles of the fifties soon started to change to sensible machines built for commuting and reliability. Within only thirty years cycles completely changed. Names started popping up that are almost unmistakable titles of motorcycles and their purpose. Bullet bike- used to go fast and turn quickly, Harleys(cruisers)- used for cruising and riding long distances, Scooters(mopeds)- used for commuting, Dirt Bikes- used for recreating off road.

With all the different cycle appearing on the market, clubs and other activities were bound to appear. The clubs and organizations are as diverse as the people and ideas that are involved. A large amount of Harley and cruiser riders participate in the Sturgis bike rally. Bringing any other type of cycle to this event would probably be dangerous to your health, which is how devoted some are to the breed of their motorcycle.

Sport bike riders participate in rallies such as "bike week " in Daytona Beach. You would find a younger and more diverse crowd and larger range of machines. This crowd is usually more understanding, and better off economically. There is also a ...

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