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False memory syndrome

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False memory syndrome

False Memory Syndrome

When the memory is distorted, the result can be False Memory Syndrome. False Memory Syndrome is a condition in which a person's identity and relationships are centred around a memory of traumatic experience which is false but the person strongly believes is true. Increasingly in grown adults undergoing therapy come to believe they suffer from repressed memories of incest and sexual abuse. This has a devastating effect on the victim and the victim grows a dependence to the program that creates the syndrome. Their memories may have been created through suggestive and invasive techniques, especially if no evidence of abuse. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the fact if this condition is real, yet both sides both have their cases.

False Memory Syndrome can be created by mere wisps of suggestion. Bits and pieces of an experience are parcelled out to different regions of the brain, memories then settle in the auditory cortex, and memories of its appearance into the visual cortex. Its here in the limbic system they assemble all these memories, gathering them into a cohesive whole. False memories are also commonly in the con drum called "source amnesia". Thanks to the brain's frontal lobes, most people can distinguish the memory of a dream and a real life event. But if the frontal lobes are damaged, people cannot remember where a memory came from. These people retrieve bits of memory and can't remember where they came from and could be remembering a dream. Source memory is highly prone to suggestion and if you imagine it enough and use the source of the information then you have a false memory.

With thousands of allegations of sexual abuse and incest against patients parents, this is one of the results of recovered memory therapy which may have been just victims of the fad. These results of the allegations are often devastating to the patients family who may not only lose contact with the child, but can be civilly sued and criminally charged for acts they did not commit. While some reports of incest and sexual abuse are surely true, these decade-delayed memories are too often the result of False Memory Syndrome caused by disastrous therapeutic programs. Strong emotions create strong memories and among children who witness the murder of a parent, for example, many distort the memory, but never lose it entirely. With allegations of sexual abuse in grown children is hard to distinguish. There is no scientifically proven list of typical symptoms of sexual abuse. Symptoms ...

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