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Fairies are magical creatures, usually very much like human

beings. But they can do many things that humans cannot do. Most

fairies can make themselves invisible. Many can travel in an instant

anywhere they want to go, even very great distances. Some can change

their shapes; they might look like cats, or birds, or dogs, or any other

animal. Some of them live for many hundreds of years; others (Like

with Tinker Bell From Peter Pan) live forever. Many fairies like to play

tricks on human beings; others like to help them. Fairies come in all

sizes and shapes as well. They might be ugly, humpbacked little

creatures, like the trolls or gnomes that the people tell about in

Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Both trolls and gnomes are supposed

to guard treasures. Trolls live in dark caves, and gnomes make their

homes underground. Some fairies are handsome, for example, the pixies

of Wales, or the goldenhaired white elves of the Scandinavian countries.

Some fairies are giants, others are less than two feet tall. Some have

special shapes. Example are mermaids and mermen, human above the

waist but with the lower part of their bodies like fish. They live in an

underwater world of splendor. Beautiful mermaids often lure sailors to

their destruction, or cause shipwrecks. The Scandinavians believed in a

river spirit that looked like a man above the water and like a horse


Most fairies live in fairyland, where some strange things are

ALWAYS happening. They live together ruled by a king and queen,

whose names are Oberon and Titania. Some people think that the ruler

of Fairyland is Queen Mab.

Not all fairies live in fairyland, however. Some live alone as the

guardians of certain places. The Lorelei of Germany is a beautiful

woman with long golden hair. She stays on a special rock on the right

bank ...

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