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Factors Leading To Golden Age

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Factors leading to Golden Age

* Good Governance

The outcome of a civilization's growth depended very much on government policies. Impact of good policies can lead to political, economical and social stability, which are the ideal conditions of achieving golden age. Political stability is thus achieved when there is a positive relationship the people have towards the government due to its beneficial policies. (Meritocracy, imperial exams, Confucianism, Buddhism) Allow officials to enter the government based on merit. Result in more open society, Attain achievements such as....

* Economic Prosperity

Taxes were distributed evenly. Farmers were eventually allowed to own land. Traders came in because of political stability. There was economic mobility due to the meritocratic system. Also economy flourished due to in coming visitors and traders to learn and trade with the Tang (new ideas, new products, exchange ideas attract ...

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