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Expatriate management

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Expatriate management

Many companies deal with expatriate executives/personnel in a variety of ways. In determining an expatriate there is no right or wrong way. The difference is determined by how the company is trying to meet their goals. The selection process for an expatriate varies significantly from one company to another. When a company has entered the international/global market, it is vital for that company to decide upon which method to use for determining their expatriate executive/personnel. The two methods available are outsourcing and promoting internally. This paper will focus upon promoting internally.

Both outsourcing and promoting internally have their advantages and disadvantages. When trying to decide between outsourcing or promoting internally the company should consider these questions:

1. Have you looked at the cost of administering this function in house versus outsourcing? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

2. Have you done some preliminary recruiting to see if experienced HR staff with expatriate experience are available? What are the going salaries for these professionals? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

3. Will performing the daily administrative details of the expatriate function consume an inordinate amount of time, even if you have experienced staff? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

4. Do fluctuations in the company's expatriate population make it difficult to maintain appropriate levels of HR staff assigned to get employees overseas, maintain them, and bring them home? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

5. Have you identified the specific expatriate activities you would want to outsource and which ones you might effectively maintain in-house? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

6. Have you discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing these services with other HR professionals or COs who are doing it now in order to get a better understanding of the issues? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

7. Do you know all of the compensation and benefits issues you face in each country where you plan to do business? (Cook, 1999, p.177)

Cook (1999, p.177) said, ?Large established companies

that have multiple global operations; Companies that are just starting their international operations that may not have experienced staff to effectively handle international HR situations; and Companies whose business needs fluctuate as overseas projects are initiated and completed.?

If your company has decided to outsource then there

are many sites on the web that are specifically geared towards outsourcing. Some of these locations are:

Many companies and organizations will decide to

internally promote and produce an expatriate executive rather than outsourcing the process. When a company or corporation does decide to promote internally many factors must be considered. The company will have to decide where to build the new facility, what products to produce, what resources to use, where to get the resources, what governmental policies must the facility adhere too, the size of the facility, and so on. The HR department will be responsible for developing the policies and procedures necessary for operating/running the plant. One of the first steps the HR department will be to develop the specific knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSA) and training necessary for success as an expatriate executive. However, Training will not be discussed but the process was mentioned because it is a vital ingredient to the success of the expatriate executive. Before selecting the individual, the company needs to take into consideration the family of the individual. The company will have to prepare not only the employee or executive but also their family. Once an individual has been selected, the expatriate will ...

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