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Evolution and creation

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Evolution and creation

_ The theory of evolution and creation are the same and different in

a lot of ways. Lamarck was the first person to come up with a

theory for evolution. There are a lot of different creation stories in the

Native American

The theory of evolution means that all plants and animals

developed from earlier forms by hereditary communications of slight

changes in the production or generations.

The word evolution means?The historical development of a

biological group (as a race or species) (Webster's dictionary). The origin

of the theory of evolution began with the French naturalist named

Lamarck. This happened in around 1809. He said that the more an

animal used its body parts the stronger they got. He also said that the

less a animal used its body parts the smaller or weaker it became. He

thought that these traits became hereditary. Later scientist

disproved this theory when more was learned more about genes and

how they work.

50 years later Darwin came up with a theory that most scientist

believe it to this day. this is called the theory of evolution. His book was

called ?The Origin of Specie.? Alfred R. Wallace, came out with a theory

that was almost identical to Darwin's theory. Darwin's theory was

much more developed and better known. For example Darwin pointed

out that farmers would take certain qualities from two different plants

and mix them together and it would produce the desired plant. He

believed this happened in nature also and he called it 'the survival of the<...

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