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Evolucion del sistema capitalista

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Social Issues

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Argumen in Favour:

Randazzo: YPF expropriation 'will favour future generations' ;Buenos Aires Herald)

Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo assured that the consequences of the expropriation of Repsol YPF will be "absolutely favourable for the country's development," adding that they will be seen "by future generations."

"We're certain that surely the consequences of this decision will be seen by the future generations, and will be absolutely favourable for the country's development," he said.

De Vido: 'Repsol's investment was insufficient, causing danger to the company' (Buenos Aires Herald)

Planning Minister Julio De Vido and Deputy Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, who head the audit investigating investments made in the petrol company YPF -currently in the process of expropriation- denied today that Repsol had invested more than 20 billion dollars in the company since 1999, as the Spanish company had stated to the Argentine press.

"Repsol's investment was insufficient because it triggered a reduction of production and reserves of YPF, leading to an important damage for the company and the country," the communiqu' stated.

Arguments Against :

Repsol says expropriation 'illicit,' will take legal action

Spanish oil company Repsol released a statement on Monday in response to the local Government's announcement of the YPF expropriation, which it called "illicit and gravely discriminatory." The company also announced that ...

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