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Evil in the world

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Evil in the world

Portraying Evil in the World

The article I picked to show the evil in the world today was about a man named Abner Louima. This man was arrested in 1997 and is suing the state of New York for being beaten in a restroom in the station while being questioned. The sole witness Conelle Lugg, 19, he heard loud screaming and banging noises against the wall of the bathroom while he was in his cell, he then saw a police officer push Louima into a cell pants down and blood rushing out of his open wounds. The officer then proceeded to tell Louima to get on his knees. After all this Lugg said, that Louima fell to the floor and screamed in pain and begged to be taken to a hospital.

Four officers are accused of brutalizing Louima, 32, a Haitian immigrant who was arrested in a fight outside a nightclub in August of 97 and was mistakenly accused of hitting an officer. When a paramedic crew got to the precinct and finally gave Louima a chair to sit in the officer who had placed Louima in the ...

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